Example Files cannot be build xCode 6

Hi - I am trying to make the shift from processing to OF (OF 0.8.0) and I downloaded the framework and xCode 6.1 (6A1052d) and installed the Command Line Tools via the Terminal.

Next step was to test the examples. I opened the 3DPrimitivesExample xcode project and changed the scheme in the dropdown to the 3DPrimitivesExample Debug Scheme.

When I click now on the Run button I receive a lot of “deprecations warnings” and lots of Apple Mach-O Linker ID errors.

I searched a lot of forums already but nothing helped so far. Thanks for helping. Hope my OF journey is not stopped with the example files.

can you try the latest version of OF?

Thanks - now it works. I thought I had the last version. The deprecation warnings are still there, but I guess I can ignore those, right?

I have the same issue with Xcode 6.3 and open frameworks 0.8.4 (lots of errors). Any idea ?

example of the first blocking issue
Undefined symbols for architecture x86_64:
“ofColor_::operator=(ofColor_ const&)”, referenced from:
ofMeshFace::operator=(ofMeshFace const&) in ofApp.o

im not sure if the current build of openframeworks supports 64 bit fully yet, core team shoot me down here if I’m wrong…
If thats the problem then you should be able to get it to build by testing it on an older device or through the simulator

What does that mean through simulator ?

if you’re developing for iOS there are iOS device emulators you can use to test on your desktop without tethering a device.
what have you got your “architectures” set to in project -> target -> build settings?