Everybody Testing

It is a great time to get the cowebs out of your raspberry pi, windows boxes, linux and mac devices to test latest OF changes here

test your workflow and addons, regenerate your projects using projectGenerator, compile your old projects or test the new functionalities of ofMediaFoundationPlayer in windows, ofAVEngineSoundPlayer in macOS.



To test the new sound API’s

For macOS:
you can uncomment these two lines in Project.xcconfig


For Windows:
add #define OF_NO_FMOD 1

To the top of ofConstants.h

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And you can see some of the new examples and features in this post ( PBR / Shadows / new openCV demos / better Web output etc ):

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I’ll do on iOS tomorrow !


One issue we still need to fix is iOS simulator libs need a new format. So I think most testing has to be on device right now.

@burton has been helping test the examples and mention a few broken ones in the iOS section of this list: