event objects for multiple instances of a class


I am trying to build a class that will trigger events. I will have multiple instances of this class, and I’d like for my testApp to be able to listen to events from all of them.

It seems a little redundant to have to call ofAddListener for each new instance…

Wondering, what is the best approach for this type of problem?

I have tried using static members for the event objects, but the compiler does not like that.

I have figured something out using a bubble-up approach.

I have a container class that is managing the instances, so I register it as a listener for the events, and in its event handler, I trigger another event using the same arguments. My testApp then listens to events from the container class.


PS. I still wonder if there is a way to register a listener that hears all events of a certain type? … besides explicitly registering it for each instance.

a static event should work, which problem were you having with statics?