Espelhos Recursivos: Moments, People and Spaces

hi folks,
i’m here to show you a new project i’ve been working, called “Espelhos Recursivos: Moments, People and Places”.

Espelhos Recursivos (Recursive Mirrors) is a descentralized interactive installation that aims to create symbolic connections between moments, people and spaces.

It is based on the dialogue of independent reflexive units - the Recursive Mirrors - which work through a digital metaphor for mirrors. Each Mirror shows a reinterpretation of the reflected present: it is composed by a mosaic of old frames, captured by all Mirrors, that just act like pixels of the webcam videostream.

In this way, every single Recursive Mirror shows an unique result that comes from relationships between moments located in differents spatial-temporal contexts.

Inspired by Estereoscopia, by Andre Parente, the work was developed by Jeraman in C++, using Openframeworks (v0.06), and its first exhibition was in the Festival Contato, held in São Carlos, São Paulo, Brazil, in October 2010.

Developed on Codeblocks for Linux, the project is open source and the code is available at:…

More photos can be found in Flickr:…-032747919/

For further informations, visit (sorry, in portuguese):

hope you enjoy!