Espelho Recursivo (Recursive Mirror)

hi folks,

this is the new work i’ve been developing. hope you enjoy it!
it’s called “Espelho Recursivo” (Recursive Mirror).

“Espelho Recursivo” is a work in which the video captured by a webcam is rebuilt in real-time, through multiple composition of old frames that works as “pixels”.
thus, the final result is shown just like a mirror, but under a new perspective: the present composed by fragments of the past.

inspired by Estereoscopia by Andre Parente, the work was writen in C++ using openframeworks and was developed by me.
the algorithm is quite simple: after storing some old frames, you just redraw them in a reduzed size, but with its color tone defined by the original pixel color.
the code will be released soon!

you can see some images in a cool definition above:

for further information, you can visit the following website (sorry, it’s in portuguese):


nice one Jeraman

hey folks,
just added a new video about the Recursive Mirror.

you can find the code here:…

* the project was built using Code Blocks, in Linux (Ubuntu, OF 0.06), but i think that it should work with other OS too.
* you can see som debug informations pressing ‘d’ key.;
* you can set the program to run with a webcam changing the define is_video to false;
* have fun!

hope you enjoy,