Errors while building with ofxKinectForWindows2

I’ve been trying to use ofxKinectForWindows2 add-on to interact with Kinect V2, when I try to build a project I get at least 11 errors (in the screenshots), and I don’t think I know the exact meaning. I am not sure if I missing some steps over here.
1- I add the add-on through the Project Generator.
2- I add the existing project ofxKinectForWindows2Lib on my VS solution + the prop + the reference (on my own project) as you explain it on the Read me.
For the code itself, I copy and paste the basic example present on the Github Repository.

Windows 10
Visual Studio 2019

This add-on definitely works, I used it from a new download yesterday. Maybe start again (including downloading the add-on again, you have some strange errors) and read all the instructions carefully, it definitely works (note you need to install the Microsoft SDK as well, but this is also detailed in the instructions).

@fresla thank you for the answer, I will try to download it again and let you know if this is working