Errors when building and running the code

Hey guys. This is my first thread, so no hatred if I posted in the wrong section or so. I have a file which opens by x-code, but when I press ‘Run’ at the top left corner, it shows some warnings and 3 errors. The errors say ‘Semantic Issue’, Use of undeclared identifier ‘MacSetRect’, ‘LockPixels’ and ‘SetGWorld’. Lines: MacSetRect(&videoRect, 0, 0, width, height);


SetGWorld (videogworld, NULL);

I know almost nothing about this coding language. I’m still a beginner!

Thank you.

N.B I use OF pre-release 0061 and OS X 10.8

Any particular reason you need to use OF 0061? The latest release (0.8.0) is much better suited for OS X 10.8.

The errors you have look like they are from older Quicktime based code

Yes, actually there’s a reason behind using OF 0061. The code I’m using was provided by an old project which used at that time 0061. They told me that this code best compiles when using the pre-release 0061. Will it make any differences if I used the latest version (0.8.0)? Actually, I do not know the compatibility of OS X with OF, must I use a certain version of OF that is supported by OS X 10.8?

It gets hairy but likely your project was developed with

OF 0061
Xcode 3
Mac OS X SDK 10.6

The problem is that with OS X 10.8 you are set up with these
Xcode 4
Mac OS X SDK 10.8

It is difficult to set up Xcode 3/Mac OS X SDK 10.6 on 10.8 as they will not install anymore.

Depending on the complexity of your project, it may work ok with the latest OF and Xcode. It is probably worth a try to download the latest OF, copy your project into the apps folder and see if it runs.

I tried with the latest version (0.8.0) and shows me this error, Lexical or Preprocessor issue GL/glew.h file is not found. This error appears twice, under openFrameworks and under RemoteEyeTracker. Also there’s 3 warnings that I’m missing 3 files, but I think errors must be solved first before the warnings as the code can be built and ran with the warnings, but cannot with the errors.

At that point I usually just try and re-build the project from emptyExample :confused:

Please elaborate. What’s ‘emptyExample’? I said in the first post that I’m still a newbie at these things.

This has some steps on copying emptyExample

Ok, but what should I do now? Will I re-code all of this or what?

Bump :confused: