Errors on ofxPTAMM add on

Hello , I’m a newbie in openframeworks.
I have interested in a feature tracking and I found some module PTAMM from this link.

But when I want to test example on my device by Xcode. it have an many error.

I think this problem occur because the module have build on old version.

Anyone can help me to solve this problem?
and if anyone have the idea to use the other feature tracking module
or the module that use to find the camera pose instead of PTAMM, please suggest me please.
Thank you.

right. it is because the addon was made with an older version of OF.
the fix is easy, in those lines highlighted red, change
grabber.getPixels() to grabber.getPixels().getData()
video.getPixels() to video.getPixels().getData()

and it should work.

Than you so much for help me @roymacdonald, I’m so appreciated.
the answer that you told me can fix the getPixels() error
but it still have the other error occur about the Parse Issue as shown in below image

fig1. the Expected unqualified-id error in gl_helpers.h

fig2. the Expected expression error in ofParameter.h

And then I try to create a new ofProject by using the project generator
but it have the same error like the PTAMM example project (which not use the project generator) as shown in fig.1 but the error in fig.2 was gone.

I’m not sure this problem was occur because of the c++ version or something?
Do you have any idea to suggest me ?


Hi, I just tried to compile the example it is giving a ton of errors because of the outdated libs used in the addon.
@patricio Hey pato! can you update this?
yes, some of this errors are because of the version of c++.
so, you could download those libs, compile them and add to the addon, which could be super time consuming.
or you can download an older version of OF and try with it. probably v0.7 because of the date that this addon was last updated.


Thank you for your suggestion ,
So, I try to run in the older version of OF, but still same many error
and I have a noob in c++ build file fundamental skill

Now, I have interested to research about how to make a 3d reconstruction on mobile device base on this paper

by my understand this paper have comprise of 5 main sections
1.Find the Camera pose estimation by using the minimizing photometric error
2.Depth estimation using the sequece of image ( pair of rectification image )
3.Update the depth information in to the TSDF Volumetric model
4.Projection the model feedback to the screen
5.and Important to use a GPU for calculate the ton of sequence Image

Do you think all of this can create by Openframeworks or not ?
If not, could you suggest the other lib or framework for me ?
Thank you so much again for reply me @roymacdonald.


I guess that some tweaking might be needed to make the old xcode project to run on the newer xcode.
It is not a simple task that one you want to achieve.
Certainly OF will help you dealing with a lot of the needed stuff as well as with openCV, as a lot of things described in that paper can be handled by it.
good luck with it.

all the best!

I will try, Thank you so much !!

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Hello !
I’m trying to do the same @Annop_kobhirun!
Have you had good results?
Maybe we can share our efforts to update ofxPTAMM !!

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