errors in eclipse, but ndk-build works


This is not directly related to openframeworks, but to android in eclipse.

I have set up a project using the ndk. This means I have started with an empty android project, converted it to c++, changed to use a custom build command (ndk-build) and put my files to the jni folder.

If I run ndk-build in jni/ it all builds ok. But in Eclipse there are loads of errors like jint could not be resolved etc…

I think eclipse doesn’t know I am building for android and won’t pick up the search paths for the platform. I wouldn’t mind not having automated build in eclipse and only using the console, but the errors prevent my application from starting the app on my device. It tells me to fix them first and I don’t know how.

Has anybody else had these problems?


yes, the support in eclipse with ndk parts is really bad, that’s why i had to disable the eclipse support for most of the android stuff and make everything through makefiles.

Ah I see. Yes, I looked into how you were doing it and saw that it was a different approach.

But is there no way to just disable the c++ part in eclipse and just compile in command line, so the app will launch despite the errors?

mmh, usually if you create a plain android project it should be disabled.