Errors building with ofxSerial and ofxIO

I am trying to implement SLIP serial communication between OpenFrameworks and a few Arduinos.

In order to facilitate this I installed the ofxSerial library. However, when I try to build, any .h files that are brought in on the path ofx/IO/ (such as ofx/IO/DeviceFilter.h) cause the build to fail. (There are tons of these.)

I figured I need to include ofxIO, so I did.

Now, I get a whole new raft of errors relating to something called ofEventListener, which are mostly:

Unknown type name ofEventListener
No member named 'newListener' in 'ofEvent<ofEventArgs, ....>'

How do I resolve these ofEvent errors? Am I missing something? Thanks for any insight.

PS - I’m using OF 0.9.8.

----------- EDITED TO ADD: -----------

PPS - I tested this using the latest release of OpenFrameworks (0.10). I’m now getting the following error:

'Poco/Path.h' file not found

It seems that now it can’t find any POCO files either. I included the same addons I was using before.

See for compatibility. For 0.9.8, use the tagged version. For 0.10.0 use stable, for the master version of OF use the master version of ofxIO.

From 0.10.0, Poco is now included in the ofxPoco core addon. You will need to include the ofxPoco addon. While this is reflected in the addons.make file in each example and the file, I just explicitly added it to the README too.

This is so helpful, thanks very much. :slight_smile:

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