Error with ofVideoPlayer

There appears to a problem with a .mov file I am trying to feed into ofVideoPlayer. Some of my videos work, but this last batch of videos don’t. The main differences I can see are the dimensions (1280x960 on the bad video file, 1280x720 on the working ones), and the codec (“DV/DVCPRO - NTSC, Linear PCM, Timecode” on the bad file and H.264 on the working ones). Does anyone know of a fix for this? Hopefully without having to go re-render the videos?

DRMSCP_FinalDebug[1186:303] CoreVideo pixel buffer is 360 x 240 while QTKit Movie reports size of 1280 x 960. This is most likely caused by a non-square pixel video format such as HDV. Open this video in texture only mode to view it at the appropriate size


Does your video include an alpha channel or do you use Windows as your OS?
The combination windows / Quicktime / OpenFrameworks unfortunately does not always seem to work well…

If any of this is the case - it might be easier to just re-render your files anyway - even though this is not the answer you were hoping for…

Lets see if someone else has a different solution.