Error when trying to run a Shader Particle System

Hi, I found this great particle system with a compute shader example on GitHub which does exactley what I want. However I try to run it but it crashes and gives me this error:
[ error ] ofAppGLFWWindow: 65543: The requested client API version is unavailable [ error ] ofAppGLFWWindow: couldn't create GLFW window [ error ] ofAppGLFWWindow: 65538: There is no current context /bin/sh: line 1: 6971 Segmentation fault: 11 ./particleSystemCS make: *** [run] Error 139

The example is using GLSL ‘#version 430’ but I never managed to run anything beyond OpenGL/GLSL 4.1 on my MacBook Pro.

HELP! thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Maybe your computer is only capable of openGL 4.1? Glancing at this chart, this might be the case

Sorry, but no compute shaders on Mac OS. Software reasons, not hardware. You know Apple… Silly Apple.

They don’t support openGL 4.3, which is needed for compute shaders, and with the development of the Metal API, I doubt it will happen. Also, no Vulkan.

(There’s a third-party for Vulkan, but not for openGL 4.3+).

Possible solution: Install linux on your machine :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: