Error using ofxOMXCamera addon with Raspberry Pi 4 and openFrameworks

Hi oF crew, I’m new to raspberry pi’s and I’m trying to use the standard raspberry pi camera module with openframeworks. I’ve compiled openframeworks fine and can get apps running no problem. I’ve also tested out the camera via command line and its definitely working.

However, when I try to run one of the examples from ofxOMXCamera I get an error saying the file can’t be found

/bin/sh: 1: ./example-demo-mode: not found
make: *** [../../../libs/openFrameworksCompiled/project/makefileCommon/ run] Error 127

I have cloned the addon into my addons directory and I’ve cloned the example into the myApps directory. I then use
cd example
make run

Am I doing something wrong when trying to get this example running?

Thanks in advance!

thanks for this jvcleave!
Do you have any advice for trying to get the raspberry pi camera working on a rpi4 with openframeworks?