Error using Kinect - [Stream 70]


i am building an app using ofxKinect.
Everything is building fine but i can’t get any image from kinect and log console keep throwing :

 [Stream 70] Expected max 1748 data bytes, but got 1908. Dropping...

I had a look at similar problems on forums but they are quite old now and i didn’t find any tips

Any clue about what happens ?

PS : using oF0.8.4 under OSX 10.10.4 and xCode 6.1.1

PS2 : code available here


digging up the thread. Never found any solution and this is bugging me again for another project.
oF098 under macOS Sierra now…


Hey, its been a while, but I am having the same issue. Did you solve it?

Best regards,


nope, sorry.
used another solution with another framework.


it happens also to me, but it doesn’t seem very dangerous, actually I got many things running for hours even with this occasional message