Error: "Type" does not refer to a value

I’m getting this error

ofVec2f does not refer to a value

Certainly I’m having problems with pointers, but I could’t understand why


void Canvas4::createStuff() {
    for (int i=0; i<num; i++) {
        ofVec2f org;
        org.set(ofRandom(edge, ofGetWidth()-edge), ofRandom(edge, ofGetHeight()-edge));
        float radius = ofRandom(50, 150);
        ofVec2f loc;
        loc.set(org.x+radius, org.y);
        float offSet = ofRandom(TWO_PI);
        int dir = 1;
        float r = ofRandom(1);
        if (r>.5) dir =-1;
        myBall = new Ball(org, loc, radius, dir, offSet);
        ballCollection.push_back(* myBall);


Ball::Ball(ofVec2f &_org, ofVec2f &_loc, float _radius, int _dir, float _offSet) {
// **** error occur right here.
// use of undeclared "_org"
    org = _org;
    loc = _loc;
    radius = _radius;
    dir = _dir;
    offSet = _offSet;


class Ball {
    ofVec2f org;
    ofVec2f loc;
    float sz = 10;
    float theta, radius, offSet;
    int s, dir, d = 60;
    Ball(ofVec2f &_org, ofVec2f &_loc, float _radius, int _dir, float _offSet);
    void run();
    void move();
    void lineBetween();
    void display();

class Canvas4{
    int fc = 100;
    int num = 100;
    int edge = 200;
    vector<Ball> ballCollection;
    Boolean save = false;
    ofFbo fbo;
    Ball *myBall;

    void setup();
    void draw();
    void createStuff();
    void keyPressed();
    void mouseReleased();


All problem was a leak of a single “}” do not closing the method Canvas::createStuff()

Sorry for this issue.

Should I delete the thread?