Error to work with "ofxVec3f"

Hi All,

I have a compilation error with a “.cpp” file which uses “ofxVec3f”. I have added “ofxVectorMath” to the “addons.make” file and suppose the “ofxVec3f” source should be found in the “ofxVectorMath” addon. However, when I open the “of_preRelease_v007_linux/addons/ofxVectorMath” directory, I find that there is no “libs” subdirectory there and the “src” directory contains only “.h” header files. The error statement wihen I use the “make” command is :

find: `…/…/…/addons/ofxVectorMath/libs/*/lib/linux’: No such file or directory

I know that “ofxVec3f” may be depreciated. But I find that there is no corresponding “.cpp” file for the “of_preRelease_v007_linux/libs/openFrameworks/math/ofVec3f.h” header file and I could not use “ofVec3f” to replace the “ofxVec3f”.

Is this a bug in openframeworks or I have missed some procedures in compilation.

Thanks for any suggestion.


the find error is not actually an error, the makefile tries to find that directory but if it’s not there it’s not a problem

ofVec3f is the same as ofxVec3f and it doesn’t have cpp because all the implementation is in the .h so it’s faster.

if you have old code adding ofxVectorMath to addons.make should do. For new code just use ofVec3f

Thanks arturo.