Error parsing qbs on linux + OF0.10.0

I am trying to work with OF0.10.0 on a Linux machine (Ubuntu 18.04 LTS) but after installing both OF and qt creator (4.6.1) from scratch I get an error while opening the included “empty example” project.

Qt Creator complains about an “unexpected token ‘%’ on line 9” while parsing the qbs file and stops there.

I tried creating a new project with project generator but the result is the same. Examples compile and run just fine from command line.

thanks for helping

There is a bug in the project generator in 0.10, we are about to release 0.10.1 but meanwhile you can just easily create new projects or import old ones using the qtcreator openframeworks wizard

ok, thanks. Does it manage non core addons? The last time I checked (but it was quite some time ago) it did not

yes just add them afterwards in the qbs file in the of.addons section, the syntax is that of a js array so something like:

of.addons: [