Error ofDirectShowPlayer: Cannot load video of this file type

I’m new to OF and was trying to create a simple video player based on this page:

I have tried using multiple .mp4 files and an .avi file but keep getting this error:

Error occured while playing or pausing or opening the file
[ error ] ofDirectShowPlayer: Cannot load video of this file type. Make sure you have codecs installed on your system. OF recommends the free K-Lite Codec pack.

I am using Windows 10, OF 0.9.8, Visual Studio 2015, and downloaded K-Lite Codec pack 12.1.0. I looked at some other forums but couldn’t find any solutions.

hi Andrew, did you manage to solve the problem? I am having the same issue

Haven’t figured it out yet unfortunately. Please let me know if you find out

Have you read this

Uninstall K-Lite and re-install this one:

Found a solution. I needed to copy the .mp4 file in the data folder of the executable file. Go to the file directory and then go to bin/ --> data/ and paste the video file there.