Error loading assets - Data folder on Android Studio + Master

I followed the android setup guide to set up Android Studio on Windows 8. The examples run fine (provided I rollback my local repository to an older version of master). When I try to copy the empty example and use it to create my own application, I hit various errors.

The error that I’m trying to debug at the moment is that the contents of the data/ folder don’t seem to be copied over to the connected android device. (Currently debugging on a Note 10.1, but same error on a Galaxy S4.)

Example situation:

  1. Duplicated the empty example and named it androidTestExample
  2. Copied the data folder from soundPlayerExample into androidTestExample
  3. Updated the openFrameworks code in androidTestExample to load “sounds/1085.mp3”
  4. Updated gradle.settings to include ‘examples:android:androidTestExample’

When I run that on the device I get:

error loading /storage/emulated/0/Android/data/cc.openframeworks.androidEmptyExample/files/sounds/1085.mp3

If I open up adb in command line and look around, there is no /storage/emulated/0. Instead, there is /storage/emulated/legacy/Android/data/cc.openframeworks.androidEmptyExample/files/, but it is empty.

What step am I missing here?

(Full android log here)

EDIT: I also tried renaming the project to see if that was the problem. Specifically: src/Java/cc/openframeworks/androidTestExample/, changing the name in and changing the name in AndroidManifest.xml. No Luck.