Error ioctl with flags -std=c++14

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a week ago it was reported a bug on my addons ofxGPIO regarding SPI protocol, the failure of an ioctl when you try to send data to any integrated with SPI, I isolated the problem and found out that with the new compilers gcc 4.7> and with the addition of the flag “-std=c++14”
the size of some array returns this warning:

“Warning: taking sizeof array of bound runtime [-Wvla]”

this warning even though it is not an error seems to create problems for the ioctl
In fact, as soon as I compile with the flag “-std=c++11” everything works smoothly.

you have any suggestions to solve this?
I should repair the waring? or is there some compilation flag to resolve this?

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general info

Solevd this, removed array struct…
todaty update ofxGPIO

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