Error in testing oF 0.8.1 for Android

I downloaded oF 0.8.1 for Android from the main repo. I try to test the assimp model loader example on a Samsung S4 device. I get the below error. Does any one have a clue about how to fix it?

04-29 08:16:39.135: I/OF(2916): onSurfaceCreated
04-29 08:16:39.135: E/libEGL(2916): error opening cache file /data/data/cc.openframeworks.androidAssimpExample/cache/ Permission denied (13)
04-29 08:16:39.135: E/IMGSRV(2916): :0: glGetString: Unknown name
04-29 08:16:39.140: I/ofAppAndroidWindow(2916): setup
04-29 08:16:39.145: I/ofAppAndroidWindow(2916): resize 1080x1920
04-29 08:16:39.145: A/libc(2916): Fatal signal 11 (SIGSEGV) at 0x00000008 (code=1), thread 2932 (Thread-14345)

I find out that there are two directories created (both 2 are empty):

and there is not a “/data/data/cc.openframeworks.androidAssimpExample” directory.

Is the error related to this issue? Anyway, how to fix it?