Error Code MSB8073

Trying to get started with openFramework and Visual studio.
I tried to build a couple of files but get an error MSB8073 each time.
Any ideas would be appreciated.

I think that this below is a print screen of the error message .

off of the page, it continues with ‘exited with code 255’.

thanks for taking a look !

Shouldn’t happen if you’ve followed the setup instructions and run ProjectGenerator before loading the solution and building.

The error (MSB3073 not MSB8073) seems to happen when it’s preparing for the build and the paths don’t work out for some reason.

can you try putting OF in a path without parenthesis characters “( )” ? I’m not 100% if that would cause things to fail but it does look a little abnormal.

the problem did come from the parenthesese in the path name.
I have now successfully run two of the openFramework examples.

thanks for getting me out of the ditch.

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Had you put the parentheses in the path name? Oh! I see now, yes, it looks like you did.

Also watch out for spaces in a project name.