Equirectangular Projection - mapping a sphere

Hello everyone!
I need to convert a image into a equirectangular projection, just like this:

To map a sphere and not having the obvius deformation.
I dont know where i start to figure out how can i transform any image into that projection. Any clue?

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do you need to create an equirectangular image or you want to map it into a sphere?

I need to create a equiretectanguar to map into a sphere. Im mapping with cinema4D so that part is easy. Im looking to this shader now:


Maybe is a way to start

I am not sure but almost, that you dont even need a shader.
Take a look at the example in examples/3d/3DPrimitivesExample and simply use a sphere primitive
then use its mapTexCoordsFromTexture function to map the texture to the sphere, which is also used in the example.