Equipment for sale

howdy folks

well, im getting rid of tons of equipment & I felt I needed to post here first, before I put it on somewhere such as ebay or wherever. this is really only for UK based people, since delivery will be cheaper than shipping abroad. but if you’re willing to pay that shipping, then by all means purchase

sorry I do not have photos up yet. im typing on something that wont let me upload photos at the mo’. but if you REALLY want to see what these look like & what they are, then please do message here & i’ll do my best to get them up ASAP

Kinect V1 x3 - 2 with adaptors. all model 1414 - £20 each / £10 without adapter
Kinect V2 - with adaptor - £30
PS3Eye - £5
Chunky Mac keyboard - white & green/black. These are before they went into the slim form models & they have the numpad - £15 each
SAMSON C01U Pro - USB microphone I used thru the tutorials - £20

these do not include delivery. but that should only be an extra few £s.
all units are working really well. all tested in different things such as openFrameworks. microphone works completely fine & sounds great. keyboards are clean, but need to change the layout back to QWERTY

since im not teaching anymore [which im happy about] I have all these things I dont need anymore & want others to have a chance of getting something before I put it on a different store. which I wont do for about a week or so. so I want to give people a chance.

this money is not even going towards tech. it will in fact go towards much better things on a personal level. its kind of like my own charity raising for my own well being of the future. so if you do choose that you want to pay more. that will go towards a lot of help.
plus I get asked tons on how people can help support me. well this is one such thing :kissing_heart:

have a great day :v:

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also got books. if you want one, let me know which one. I have no idea on what to sell the older ones for. but do have some newer ones, such as the rust book.
the spines don’t look worn, just because I dont like bending them that much. I like clean spines… unlike my own crumbling spine that keeps me awake with insomnia :wink:

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also im in the UK. just to say again, if I didn’t before. so if you still want these, please do bear in mind that delivery will be higher [maybe even more than the book is bought for] due to the shipping costs.
but if you want them, please just reply in this thread.

once these have gone or at least to a point that I dont care, I will update this thread to say they are gone :kissing_heart:

putting on 2 mini display port to CRT connections [for projector]. 1 official apple, other is a slightly cheaper one. I’m gonna price both at £18 each. I don’t care much. they dont have boxes, but they will obviously be wrapped safely.
both only used once when I was doing live visuals for a band just before the pandemic hit.

this is the band if you are interested - was a great wee tour to build something for as well :wink:

I can’t put pictures up, as my phone completely & forever died last night… so I know what some of this money can go towards :wink:

just giving this a bump. still have many of the things. I think its shipping that is the big problem. oh well

someone asked about shipping, it was to Luxembourg, but here is the pricing, with the weight. It may give you a better idea on things like weights etc. but I do know that some customs can be painfully expensive for… reasons

but anyhow. have a lovely day :kissing_heart:

ive also been to lazy/busy to put these up anywhere else :wink: