end1 not declared

Hello. Total newbie here and I did a search but nothing came up.

I’m going through the tutorials and I’m at section5: adding interaction. When I type in the code as instructed I get a warning that end 1 was not declared.

here is a shot

Help would be appreciated. Thanks

***seems I don’t know how to upload images

The compiler is telling clearly what’s happening. You have not declared end1 variable/identifier in your .h file (or at the top of your program in .cpp) but you are using the same without having told earlier about end1 basically is. You have to declare using the data specifier (such as int, float etc.) and then a variable identifier (basically just a name). For eg: int captureCount, bool isRunning etc.

If that’s not the case, add more detail to your question for folks to be able to help. I am not sure what your screenshot had to say or where in section5 is something called end1

are you sure this is not a typo? end1 often looks nearly like endl :wink:

Thanks for the reply

Turns out it is endl

Looked like end1 on the tutorial here on the website. Either that or my eyes are getting old

As for it being a variable I kind of knew it couldnt be that of the tutorial would have made me make them. But thanks for replying

Thanks a lot