enabling GL_BGRA_EXT for ofTexture on iPhone

I’ve been attempting to modify ofTexture.cpp to enable GL_BGRA_EXT as a type. This should be pretty simple, but what I’ve been trying hasn’t worked. There is, in fact, a comment: “MEMO: todo, add more types” right above where they’re defined. Here’s the code I added:

#ifndef TARGET_OPENGLES				  
		case GL_BGRA_EXT:  
			texData.glType		= GL_BGRA_EXT;  
			texData.pixelType	= GL_FLOAT;  

My understanding is that OpenGL ES still requires one to use GL_BGRA_EXT rather than GL_BGRA. I also modified ofGraphics.cpp as follows:

	#include "glu.h"  
	#include "glext.h"  

Perhaps I need to modify EAGLView.mm in ofxiPhone?