Enable ofxSvg to merge, modify and save out (incl on iOS)

I have extended the ofxSvg to enable to both manipulate a set of standard tag attributes (such as color, stroke weight, viewBox etc) and be able to save the svg back out. I needed this to be able to save vector graphics from iOS. I have also included the ability to create new svgs from separate ones, so as to be able to modify and save out a neatly grouped svg for illustrator.

There are some issues with some blue flickering I can’t seem to nail down, and I’m sure there are a lot smarter ways of doing a lot of these things. Feedback welcome.


one feedback: you should have forked the original ofxSvg on github, instead of uploading as a separate repository - that way your changes could be easily integrated back into the main repo, if they are useful.

Aight. Good point. Will do.