Emulate Display


I know is not the right forum but I though some of you might have had the same question.

I have an installation running and I want to access remotely. But i don’t want to leave one monitor just to be able to work while running my app.

I would like to have a software or something cheap that allows me to have a second screen which i can access through the network.

Did anyone run into this? any convenient solutions?


I don’t entirely understand the question, but you could use something like the fit-Headless HDMI dongle to emulate a connected display and then setup your laptop into an extended desktop (opposed to display mirroring). There is a

fit-Headless 4k

I was looking EXACTLY for this!
Thank you so much!

Oups, sorry for the trailing off half-thought: There are two different versions of the dongle, one that supports a bunch of resolutions up to 1080 and another that supports up to 4k.