Emscripten with openFrameworks vs p5.js or other javascript toolkits

Wrote the code, worked flawlessly when running through xcode.
Setup and try to use emscripten using the seemingly official tutorial here.
Does not work. Try troubleshooting it. Find it mentioned somewhere I should use the “emscripten” template. Use the ProjectUpdater to add it to my project.
Find this thread. Find out that the tutorial wont work and try to reinstall emscripten using some of the codeblocks posted there and can’t even get emmake to work.
Find out the emscripten template is redundant too. Fuck it I won’t try to compile for the web I’ll just be distributing the executables on my website. Open xcode to compile the code and when I run it I see an empty window. Open ofApp.cpp and find out somewhere along the process all my code got deleted (most likely while adding the template). Cry slightly. It’s nothing that serious only spent like 8 hours on it. Contemplating switching to p5.js. No backups, no version control. It was a test project for openFrameworks, which grew a lot during the day. Nothing permanent.

So what do. Should I bother rewriting the code for openFrameworks and using emscripten again or shoud I rewrite it for p5.js and abandon of/emscripten.
Anyone who’s used both, how’d you describe the differences in speed, workflow, ease of use, addon availability, etc.

Edit: Read this about p5.js

Which leads me to p5js… I despise this js library. It serves only as a tool for existing Processing developers to quickly port their code to the web but is functionally useless beyond that. I would not recommend learning p5 as it is essentially a less performant wrapper around the vanilla canvas.

If it helps, I’m using of_v0.11.2_osx_release and the latest emscripten at this time (installed according to the “official tutorial”).

Update: rewrote the earlier code in just about 1 hour.

Still curious tho, I just had to add a page of backstory for my question.
Also updating the title to reflect the actual “discussion” at hand. (earlier title: “Compiled code through emscripten, didn’t work at all neither through emrun or another web server”)