Emscripten customization


I have a couple of questions regarding emscriptien customization that I could not find in documentation.

  1. How do I get emscripten to use OpenGL_ES 3.2?
    I have some shader projects that use features more advanced than what ES2 can handle but are present in ES 3.1+
    I have tried something like this
    ofGLESWindowSettings settings;
    settings.glesVersion = 3;

But when compiling with emmake it still errors that the features are only available in 3+
Also this way does not allow setting minor version

  1. Is there a way to use project local settings for emscripten the same way there is config.mk for g++?
    I want the EM compiler to pic up some local libs and includes. But strangely it does not even pick up includes present in /usr/include

Please let me know if there is any documenation that I overlooked, or if you know of any ways to address these.

Thanks in advance