Emotiv Epoc

Not sure where I should pose this question, so my apologies if this is in the wrong spot.

Anyway, I’m very interested in using a new brainwave interface called the Emotiv Epoc in an openframeworks project and I was wondering if anybody could tell me what the feasibility of this was. The Emotiv has its own SDK, but I’m not sure how to interface with it otherwise. Can somebody shine some light on this? Has anybody used any EEG devices in an OF project?

Any advice is greatly appreciated!



One way to easily connect to the the device would be to send its output data to OF via OSC (open sound control). There you could process it using FFTs or however else you wanted.

There’s an Emotiv Epoc in my lab at the moment, at some point I was going to get around to testing it…I will let you know more if I have any success…

Yeh, that’s a great idea. I found a library on SF, but I have no idea if its any good. http://sourceforge.net/projects/mindyouroscs/

Give it a go and let me know! I’m still waiting to get my emotiv. :frowning: