Emotional Mirror (interactive installation)

Hi everyone,
just dropping everyone a quick line from us at Random Quark to say that we finished touring with our interactive installation Emotional Mirror.

The installation uses computer vision to identify the facial expressions of the user. It then searches twitter and picks random tweets, performs sentiment analysis on the text categorising them as emotionally positive or negative. Finally, it presents the tweets that correspond to the emotional expression of the participants next to their faces. Smiling brings happy tweets, while a sad face brings sad tweets.

The project was created using python, openFrameworks/C++ making use of the ofxFaceTracker addon to track faces, the Vader library for sentiment analysis of tweets as Tweepy to interface with the Twitter stream. The source for the display and the tweet analyser backend can be found on our github.

Let us know what you think!

Theo Papatheodorou
Random Quark