Emoji not drawn in 0.10.1

Hi there,

I tried to draw Emoji from the font Apple Color Emoji.ttf today and could not get it to work, the app window stays grey. For other fonts (Monaco.ttf) and ASCII characters ("hello"), the same call of drawString works fine.

I suspect this is an UTF-8 issue or I’m using drawString the wrong way for Emoji? I’m new to openframeworks and any help is appreciated! :slight_smile:



void ofApp::setup(){
  // true, true, true loads the entire charset
  font.load("Emoji.ttf", 12, true, true, true); 


void ofApp::draw(){
  font.drawString("✊", 100, 100);



    ofTrueTypeFont font;

Thank you! :heart:

you need to setup ofTrueType font with the emoji alphabet in order to use emoji. this article explains how to use it http://blog.openframeworks.cc/post/173122543219/utf8-support

Thank you, @arturo! It worked! :pray: