Embedding OpenFrameworks in another Window (on Windows)

I’ve been toying around with turning some of the sketches I’ve written into screensavers, with the idea of making them a bit more fun to share around. After dredging the internet for various bits of information I’ve got the backbone of a Windows screensaver working, but the entry point into the application behaves very differently to the standard main and WinMain options for programs- rather than creating a window yourself, you write a function which is passed a window handle, HWND hWnd and an integer denoting a message type, and then processes that message to determine whether it should do setup, paint, destroy, clear the buffer, etc.

I’d very much like to keep using OpenFrameworks rather than start again with bare OpenGL, so from what I can determine I’ve got a few options:

  1. Take the window that gets passed in, hide it, and then display my own.
  2. Create a new openframeworks window and then add that as a child of the one passed in
  3. Use OpenFrameworks to render to a texture and then somehow access that and blit it to the larger window.

1 seems like an ugly hack but is probably the most direct; 2 and 3 seem more correct, but I’m not really sure where to start with those.

Any ideas? Or alternatives?

Thanks in advance!