Embedding HTML5 Content

I would like to embed existing HTML5 content into an application. Multiple HTML modules would be loaded and the user could pick one to work with, scale it up, rotate, etc. on a multi-touch screen. The HTML content itself is pretty complex and includes interactive video and animations. At minimum I need to be able to trigger JS events from oF, and ideally JS can communicate with the shell application.

ofxAwesomium look promising, but also comes with a hefty price tag for a commercial app. ofxCEFClient looks good as well.

I’d love to hear what others are using and any advice to get started.

Thanks in advance!

I really like CEF now, for offscreen stuff it seems really fast and promising – I’m working through things on OSX with @smallfly


we’re still figuring alot of things out…

ps: one problem I had with awesomium (and berkelium) was a lack of reinta style support, ie, setting the render and window size, retina is a huge help at least on OSX for making good forms / UI via html. I also felt like these projects were sort of dormant. CEF has alot of energy now because of companies like adobe and spotify putting development resources behind it.

Thanks for the links and info @zach. Great stuff. I’m excited to get started…


Any experience / comments / pointers on OF addon rendering HTML5 on Raspberry PI 2 hardware ?


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