Embedded browser in openframeworks Windows VS


Hi all,

I am working on embedding a browser into an OF app, which seems a smart way of integrating the layout possibilities of HTML in an OF-powered app. I searched for quite long, and like to share my experience. I hope you people do share yours:
(All is windows VS, which is a requirement for me I am afraid)

  • ofxAwesomiumPlus was quite easy to include. It works rather well and seems stable. Big drawback of using Awesomium is that the webpage of Awesomium is gone for quite a while. Wiki still exists, but I do not know if Awesomium is still maintained. Some people say it’s dead? Anyone knows hard facts?
    Also, as far as I know there is no 64 bit version.
  • ofxCef. I found some quite up to date forks namely [rjx-ray/ofxCef] (https://github.com/rjx-ray/ofxCef) and Echolaitoc/ofxCef. I was able to compile the latter in windows with 64 bit. For explanation look into addons\ofxCef\libs\CEF\ofxCEF-README.txt or see this post (Thanks Echolaitoc!). Still have issues with crahes when using text fields. Does not sem reday for production.
  • There seems to be a WinCairo port of webKit. Did not manage to get it to work it yet. I’ll report back, if I proceed.
  • There also seems to be a possibility of including a (windows specific? possible for windows >8?) XAML web view in C++. Did not manage to get it to work it yet. I’ll report back, if I proceed.

Do I miss something? Does anyone have some own experience? Please share!
Any hints would be most appreciated.

Thanks all & have a great day

New Awesomium integration addon - ofxAwesomiumPlus
Integration with Ultralight

Can’t edit the post itself, don’t know why. Anyway:
It seems like Ultralight , the successor of Awesomium is out. I try it out, try to implement it in an OF App and in case all goes well I might come back for help in developing an add-on…