Embedded browser in openframeworks Windows VS


Hi all,

I am working on embedding a browser into an OF app, which seems a smart way of integrating the layout possibilities of HTML in an OF-powered app. I searched for quite long, and like to share my experience. I hope you people do share yours:
(All is windows VS, which is a requirement for me I am afraid)

  • ofxAwesomiumPlus was quite easy to include. It works rather well and seems stable. Big drawback of using Awesomium is that the webpage of Awesomium is gone for quite a while. Wiki still exists, but I do not know if Awesomium is still maintained. Some people say it’s dead? Anyone knows hard facts?
    Also, as far as I know there is no 64 bit version.
  • ofxCef. I found some quite up to date forks namely [rjx-ray/ofxCef] (https://github.com/rjx-ray/ofxCef) and Echolaitoc/ofxCef. I was able to compile the latter in windows with 64 bit. For explanation look into addons\ofxCef\libs\CEF\ofxCEF-README.txt or see this post (Thanks Echolaitoc!). Still have issues with crahes when using text fields. Does not sem reday for production.
  • There seems to be a WinCairo port of webKit. Did not manage to get it to work it yet. I’ll report back, if I proceed.
  • There also seems to be a possibility of including a (windows specific? possible for windows >8?) XAML web view in C++. Did not manage to get it to work it yet. I’ll report back, if I proceed.

Do I miss something? Does anyone have some own experience? Please share!
Any hints would be most appreciated.

Thanks all & have a great day

New Awesomium integration addon - ofxAwesomiumPlus
Integration with Ultralight

Can’t edit the post itself, don’t know why. Anyway:
It seems like Ultralight , the successor of Awesomium is out. I try it out, try to implement it in an OF App and in case all goes well I might come back for help in developing an add-on…



Hi dasoe

What is the current status/findings getting Ultralight up and running?
Is there a git available that we can contribute to?



Hi, with git repo do you mean https://github.com/ultralight-ux/ultralight ?


I’m dreaming about a ofxUltralight repo :wink:


Hi all,

status is: successfully included ultralight in an OF App and compiled for windows. Very basic, though, only in the background, included directly (no Addon) and most of all no drawing of the browser yet!
Why?: At the moment I am waiting for next ultralight release, which is said to make getting the pixels much easier. The next release is announced quite a while and is obviously taking longer than expected, still I don’t like to put effort in something that will be completely unnecessary soon and probably be solved much better than I can do it.

As soon as I get an example running (drawing included), I’ll post the repo of my project. OK for you?
From this it will be still a long way to ofxUltralight. But of course this is what we are looking for!

have a great day


Hi @dasoe!

Sounds really interesting! Do you note the ETA with the new Ultralight version? Would love to see the repo as well!