Embed images as resources into the exe


I’m using OF with Windows and VS2022.
I have a lot of icons (PNG images in bin/data folder) but i would like to embed them as resources into the exe instead of having them in bin/data.
How can i do that with VS2022 please ?

Thanks a lot

I really love OF, really great framework !

Hi, I have tried such in the past but it has always been so cumbersome, that I have ended up not doing so.
Most cases imply that the images are transformed into binary data which you just put in your code as a hard coded byte array.
It is a non-OF thing so you can simply google search for how to do such.

I found that it is just easier to make an installer which “hides” the data folder and leaves some shortcuts for the user. Many, if not most apps do this, I think. This also allows you to install the annoying C++ runtime that is needed when installing on a different computer.

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what about a zipped / rar file (+without extension) with a decompress password?
there are some base64 encoders around too.

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