ELP camera controls and UVC

Hi everyone!

I just got a new ELP USB camera, and I really love the quality and latency for IR tracking.

I’ve got a MacOS app called Webcam Control that seems to be able to adjust the settings but I was wondering if there was any way to do it within oF on MacOS? ofxUVC doesn’t seem to work properly (can turn on and off auto exposure but that’s it, and it behaves unreliably with other settings).

So what’s the new hotness for UVC control?



It’s been a while since I’ve messed with uvc but in the past it’s usually been getting the vendor id and other info right to make things work. If helpful this command line tool looks useful

I’ve done some projects recently where command line tools have proven really useful and I call them from the OF app — usually for things like resetting the usb connection and controlling the camera (ie imagesnap)

also cc @stephanschulz who seems to have a very active ofxUVC branch

Oh thanks @zach, really helpful. I hadn’t realised that @stephanschulz had an of11 branch, I’ll check it out now GitHub - stephanschulz/ofxUVC at OF_0.11_with_newerC920

I didn’t have too much problem getting the device and vendor ID, I just used system_profiler SPUSBDataType in the terminal.

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I just uploaded my most recent addon version used on macOS 10.11 - 10.13 with logitech C920 and cameras from kurokesu.com.

You do not need to supply vendor ID but rather device index (0,1,2 …) like you do with ofVideoGrabber.

Thanks so much @stephanschulz - this works great with the ELP camera. I’m wondering how we can make your excellent add-on a little more discoverable…?

I believe it was originally made by atduskgreg (Greg Borenstein) · GitHub. Then LingDong- (Lingdong Huang) · GitHub and I made it a bit more usable for our use cases.

I am open for suggestions :slight_smile:

Ideally it’d be nice if ofxAddons could recognise when a fork is better maintained than the original but sadly it’s made with a stack I’m not familiar with so I can’t really contribute to that.

A workaround could be that you make a new repo called ofxUVC2 (with full credit to the original authors of course) so that ofxAddons can find it and list it separately…

May I also suggest making the of11 branch the default? Or perhaps add a reference to it in the readme?

But thanks again for the work on the add-on, it’s super useful for me!