Elektronisk Transcendens - An interactive installation

Hi there,

I just want to show a installation i have been working on for 2 weeks, and that we showed here on friday at a big party / event. It was all developed in OpenFrameworks.

Please watch the video on vimeo here: http://vimeo.com/4717768

This is how i described the project there:

This is a project i developed in two weeks together with two friends from the royal school of architecture in copenhagen for a big event that a group of schools held called Holmen Event. We wanted to make a big interactive wall that the audience could play with. It ended up being a photowall, where a empty canvas (beutifully cut out with a lasercutter), could take photos that the audience choosed, and afterwards used to hang the photo on the wall next to all the others.

The canvas was tracked by a camera in the roof when holding it in the light, and when my program saw that it was stable in the frame, a photo was taken inside the square that the canvas formed. At the same time a sound was triggered, and the whole sound universe (designed by my friend Rasmus Kreiner, a theater sound designer) changed.
Afterwards the audience could hold the canvas against the 4x8m big backprojected wall, where a infrared camera behind could track where it was, and how it was rotated. And again, when my program saw it was stable it attached the photo to the wall, where it moved in a physics simulator (pushing to other photos) and slowly moving upwards before it was deleted again.

The software is developed in OpenFrameworks, using alot of OpenCV code. The tracking of the canvas on the wall was done with tBeta.

The installation ran for 7 hours during the party, and there was taken more then 500 pictures.

that looks cool.