Electric Puppet

Here’s a video of a project I finished recently. Most of the backend software (kinect + body part swapping) is done in OF, and the animation is done of course in Animata (animata.kibu.hu).

I had to make a custom version of Animata to get proper fullscreen support (fltk sucks big time) and to do real-time texture updating (for the limb swapping).

The kinect stuff was done with an updated version of synapse (http://synapsekinect.tumblr.com/) together with ofxOpenNI. This was a little unstable, particularly during skeleton changes and over a long period of time…which I suspect is the fault of ofxOpenNI. I’m looking for a more robust OpenNI 2 addon if there are any good ones out there, otherwise I’m going to have to roll my own in the future.

Goddamn kids can dance crazy-like…
Anyway here’s the video:

Great Work !
Mad-dancings !!! ^^