Efecto Mariposa, a real time ecosystem simulation

Hello community,

I really want to share that recently I finish an interactive installation that simulates an entirely ecosystem (with atmosphere, hydroshpere, geosphere, biosphere, etc) on CCEBA mediaLab (centro cultural español en buenos aires). It´s entirely code on openFrameworks and some custom GLSL shaders. And also it use ofxOpenNI drivers for the kinnect that scans the surface of real ashes ( that act´s like a real depth map) that cames form Puyehue volcano. The final image of the simulation it´s then projected or mapped again over the surface. The user can modify the surface or move it hands over the aire above it to make changes on the topology and the atmosphere. Just like the human does with the real environment but at a different scale. The changes spread instantly all around the simulated ecosystem.

This projects born as an educative tool and it´s goal it´s to bring global awareness about the need of making changes with delicate intentionality. Giving the chance to explore the tension between the micro&macro, the part&total, as well the process of creation&destruction.

You can get more information about it and the source codes of the iOS application made for remote controlling it at http://patriciogonzalezvivo.com/butterfly.html.


This installation is especially well done. I had previously found it through vimeo independently and showed it to a number of people I know, it’s nice to know the creator posts here.

really beautiful :slight_smile:

nice !!!
my favorite part is the interaction with the sand…

Can you tell me how is done the calibration between the kinect and the projector?

Thanks for the nice feed back!

The calibration for the mapping it´s the easiest one. The final layer of information it´s a multitexturing with all the previous ones and some real satellite photos from google-earth.
So once I got that final texture y just have to move the x, y position giving a scale factor. Simple translate and scale functions.

The sand part… it´s really volcano ashes! It´s great for projections because the neutral gray color!! : )

Here it´s the video of the instalation, not only the software


Gracias patricio :slight_smile:

The video is self explanatory, I hope that i can see that in spain someday…

xD Has estado ocupado!
Excelent work Patricio! =D
I hope I get to see it working in person some day soon.