EDSDK or similar

Hi, is it possibile to use edsdk on ARM Platform?

I didn’t find any information about this. I found some info about libgphoto2, but I’m not sure if it supports livepreview under openframeworks. Do you have any clue?

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The EDSDK only supports OS X and Windows. You may be able to use PTP-commands directly to communicate and control a connected camera, but last I looked, the depth of control offered by something like gPhoto was rather shallow. Give it a look and report back your findings!

that’s bad news for what i am starting to do now…
So there’s no way to use any of the 3 Canon SDK ofxAddons on RPi?
There’s any ofxAddon able to handle this PTP?
edit: I found this one: https://github.com/vanderlin/ofxCameraKit

Nah, ofxCameraKit isn’t likely what you want either - the description mentions ICDevice, the samples only have Xcode projects, the source file indicates it is Objective-C++ and looking at at ofxCameraKit.mm it does in fact leverage the OS X framework ImageCaptureCore.

#include "ofxCameraKit.h"
#import <Cocoa/Cocoa.h>
#import <ImageCaptureCore/ImageCaptureCore.h>

¿And do you know if Canon have the SDK for Linux / ARM (Python?) to “make some bridge” with OF?

I don’t know much beyond my initial comment: