Edge Shift - Blackhole - Ludlum Dare 35 - oF Game Entry

So over this weekend I participated in Ludum Dare 35 ‪#‎LDJAM‬ ‪#‎LD35‬ (A 72 hour game jam event to make a game from scratch) with the theme of Shapeshift. Individually I created a Space Game called “Edge Shift”.

More Details / Vote Link - http://ludumdare.com/compo/ludum-dare-35/?action=preview&uid=92215

I created this all in oF and since Ludlum Dare is peer reviewed, I went for WebGL build as my main target so the most people could play it. Since oF has emscripten (LLVM to JS compiler) working in 0.9.0+ I was able to use that and compile for WebGL.

The main difficulties I had was testing and coding the ES 2.0 shaders, so I ended up deploying a multi-platform approach and used oF to build to my iPhone and iPad to test the game natively running ES 2.0 shaders.
Anyways I will write up a post-mortem blog post later this week.

You can play the game now with the following links: Let me know what you think. PS. Very hard.

Play in your browser now:

WebGL 1280x720 - danoli3.com
WebGL 1920x1080 - danoli3.com
WebGL 900x600 - danoli3.com

Alternative links:
WebGL 1280x720 - itch.io
WebGL 900x600 - Newgrounds
WebGL 1280x720 - indieexpo


  • W/S - Shape Shift
  • A/D - Control Orbit Speed / Direction (Hold one of the buttons down to Ramp up speed)
  • Mouse touch position to control camera
  • C - Credits on Screen

How to Play:

  • Hold Down A or D and ramp up your orbit speed until you can collide with most if not all entities.
  • Challenge yourself to remember what shape you are and what you changed to as your speed increases.
  • The higher the speed, the more score.


This looks great!