Edge Blending and Image Warping for Multi-Projection Setup

I hope that maybe someone would be able to point me in the right direction here… We are wanting to edge blend and warp a our simulation that spans across 4 projectors so that it looks like it projects onto a curved surface without any noticeable seams.

I have looked into possible hardware and software solutions. The older (2007) Nvidia Quadro FX cards were able to edge blend but not image warp. Christie Projectors have image warping but I’m not sure about edge blending–these projectors are way too expensive for the current project anyways. I’ve also looked at the scalable display software but it is also very expensive and does more than we probably need to (plus is not supported for a mac :)…

So if I wanted to hack this thing myself, is the FBO addon the way to go? Would I use that as a texture with alpha fading and map it to a subdivided grid that I could warp? Or should I be looking into writing my own custom fragment shader?

[edit] I’ve also picked apart the render manager example and looks like maybe the best starting point. . . But it seems like a lot of you may have already addressed this projection challenge before and any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance!

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