Ecotopia of art

Hello everyone, I present to you the work that I submitted for my thesis examination at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna. It is an interactive kinetic sculpture with augmented reality that can send tweets. I mainly used openFrameworks and Supercollider. They were used principally these addons: ofxARtoolKitPlus, ofxTwitter (many thanks to @ pelayo!) ofxThreadedImage (new @ armadillu addon), ofxOsc, ofxTween, ofxBox2d, ofxDna, ofx3DModelLoader. Hardware used: Odroid U3 and RaspberryPI. I would like to thank the community of openFrameworks for the help I have ever received, and for the simple fact that you can have such a great tool for nothing. But in particulary many thanks to @pelayo mendez, @arturo, @bakercp @pizthewiz, @jvcleave , @zach .
I’m applying it also to ArsElectronica prize, but i need a better video.

For a description of my work go here (i’m not sure of my english…)



Really exciting stuff! Congrats!

thank’s @bakercp! the video will be available in less an hour on vimeo ( it is not so good, i have to remake it)
what about the description? does it clear in your opinion?

congratulations Walter , great stuff

Thank you @igiso ! i’m considering also to share the whole code or at least a good part. More infos will come . I would also improve the description of the work, from a technical side of view and from a theory side, and a new better video.

Congrats @kalwalt! I´m really happy that i could help a bit on such great work

thank’s @pelayo! yes, really appreciated your help.I hope to find the right place for my work in a show that has the proper internet connection, unfortunately, during the discussion of the thesis was not possible, but I tested it elsewhere and ofxTwitter worked great.

I added a description of the work and some more pictures on my site, soon i want also add a technical description of the software-hardware used. Next week i hope to do other photos and a new video.
Cheers to all!

For the everyone is interested or want to take a look at the code, want to be inspired, or want to sugggest some improvements i put my code on github here.