Having an official Eclipse / CDT project download would be nice.

Possibly done as a cross platform bundle as discussed in this thread:

i vote for that as well, althought i am still not totally convinced by Eclipse/CDT and its forced project files structure …

I would like to see a official Eclipse support too!
I have a Flash background. I can tell having Eclipse support will let Flash guys move to OF more easily because we are used to FlexBuilder (FlashBuilder), which is Eclipse based.
A OF Eclipse plug-in will be awesome :slight_smile:

and FDT (eclipse based) is huge in the flash community. As a flash developer, having the same IDE/toolchain makes the transition all that much easier.

for java and c++ developer (working with eclipse in other projects) it is the same.
codeblocks is a pain in the ass for us/me.

vote for a eclipse oF version

This got my vote too! I would love to do all this in eclipse instead of codeblocks, and for what I know eclipse is pretty crossplatform as well!


I found this page via google:…-wrksp.html , which says the following:

… The Eclipse version of Openframeworks is packaged as an Eclipse workspace. In order to use it, just uncompress the zip file and open the apps directory as a workspace in Eclipse from File > Switch workspace. …

But I never managed to find that package. Has anyone?

Thank you.

… and Eclipse is also huge in the Processing and in the MaxMsp communities. I think it will make openFrameworks much more accessible to the creative coding community… including me ;-).

So, has there been any new development regarding oF in Eclipse? Since oF-Android development happens in Eclipse, and it’s fully crossplatform (afaik), wouldn’t it make great sense to have Eclipse projects for the rest of oF, too? Are there drawbacks to Eclipse?

Yes, I would very much like to see an Eclipse-friendly oF option.

Because I know as many people that love eclipse as people who can’t stand it, I’d focus much more on the dev of a cross platform makefile. the way it works on linux now is really good and allows you to easily set up any IDE within minutes. As soon as there is a good solution, I am sure the community will come up with projects for any kind of dev environement…