Eclipse Plugin on Ubuntu Linux


I am having no success with trying to use the eclipse plugin. It appears to install OK and show use under Installation Details but there is no option under File > New for openFrameworks or Window > Preference.

I followed the installation instructions from here: I checked the /opt/eclipse/plugins directory and cc.openframeworks.plugin_0.1.0.201510121850 is there.



I had the same problem, try upgrading your java sdk version to 1.8 and use the same or newer version of eclipse as in the video.


Thanks that was it. The example in the instructions, “for this installation these instructions ( were used”, show installing java 1.7 and that is what I had installed. Once java 1.7 was removed and java 1.8 install everything appears to be working.

The same instructions work but you just have to change the last step to:

sudo apt-get install oracle-java8-installer

I may be dense but it took me a while to realize that you need to go to File -> New -> Other and then under C/C++ is where you find openFrameworks.



i m having the same problem for eclipse cdt…can anyone help
as in i cant install the openframeworks plugin from help->install new software for ubuntu