Eclipse openFrameworks Plugin setup problems

Hello, absolute newbie on openFrameworks here.

I followed the official linux tutorial ( over five times in a row on this sunday, but always stumbled on the same problem, which is Eclipse failing recognizing the actual openFrameworks library path.

The best I could gather from the error warning by Eclipse is that it’s a java.lang.NullPointer exception, but nothing more specific.

I’m using an Ubuntu 16.04 64-bit system and the Eclipse Neon 64-bit version with the openFrameworks 0.9.8 release.

That’s all I got. Still pretty excited to build art with oF, so I take this first starting hurdle as a lesson and reminder to remain humble. =)

Thanks in advance!

do you have spaces in any of the directories in the path? if i remember well eclipse or the plugin had problems with that

Besides the directory names themselves which do not possess any spaces in between on around them, I double checked to be sure before responding. Copied and pasted across editors and found no additional spaces.

Should I try with older Eclipse version or the QT listed on the Linux section?

Yes there might be a newer version of eclipse and the plugin might not be compatible with it. The best maintained version for linux is QT

All right, installed it then. Following your video, it went on without a hitch. Thank you very much!