Eclipse compile problem on linux


I’ve spent a long time setting up the projects following the site’s instructions. I’ve done everything as described, and when I tried directly running an example it actually worked fine on my tablet.

However, when I go into the code in the src folder, I get a bunch of red/yellow underlines, with the openframeworks stuff not found. Then I am no longer able to run the examples because of these errors.

Some lines like the following are underlined: (this is the main.cpp in androidTouchExample)

#include “ofMain.h”

#include “ofAppGlutWindow.h”

ofAppGlutWindow *window = new ofAppGlutWindow;

ofSetupOpenGL(window, 1024,768, OF_WINDOW);

ofRunApp( new testApp() );

Does anyone know how do I fix this? I’ve read through the instructions many times but I don’t know what I’ve missed that is causing this. My friend tried setting it up on another computer and has the exact same problem.


I had the exact same issue a few days ago. “Out of the box” the examples would compile and run but as soon as I opened a file it would error.

To fix this go to

Eclipse - Preferences - C/C++ - Code Analysis and turn off Syntax and Semantic Errors

Thank you so much! That fixed our problem. It’s unbelievable how I’ve spent all this time doing something that just needed one click…

Eclipse can be a pain in every OS

This helped me too, thank you!!!

Thank you, this helped me much too !