Echo Sampler sound art project

Echo Sampler is a musical instrument which generates echo of input gated sounds. It is a box with top covered by acrylic plate, with condenser microphone inside, connected to computer and audiosystem.

The microphone grabs sound, and when its volume is higher than some gate threshold, it is recorded as a separate sound sample and then sent to the software echo unit.

The parameters of echo for each sound sample, such as speed/pitch, delay and number of repeats, depend on the recorded sample’s volume. Beating the box by hands, coins and any other things, and screaming into the hole in the box it allows to create multitonal rhytmic structures.

In current implementation loud sounds replays at low speed (at lower tone), three times with “longer” delay between repeats. Quiet sounds echoed at high speed (at higher tone), seven times with “shorter” delay between repeats.

Idea, programming: Kuflex - Denis Perevalov, Igor Sodazot. Made on openFrameworks.

Box: Vladimir Suchih and colleagues.

Source code for OSX, oF 0.9.3:

Project is made on pure openFrameworks, so it will work on all platforms.

See more details (on Russian):